Price; Rates and Packages

The Trial package: 125

Never used virtual assistant before? This option is ideal if you would like to sample our business support services and find out just how well it can work for you and your business. This package is also great if you would like to use us for a specific project or for a fixed number of hours. This includes free initial telephone consultation to see how we can best meet your requirements. We give you free set up along with a further 6 hours dedicated to supporting your business. Use all the hours in one day or over the next week or the next 6 months, the choice is yours.

Pay as you go!

No long term commitment as ‘Pay As You Go’ is determined by the hours used. It offers great value and complete flexibility, allowing you to use us ‘as and when’ you need us. We will invoice you at the end of each month for hours used as per pricing below:

Prices are per hour:

Mini use:  1 – 5 hours use:      €27.00 per hour
Midi use:  6 – 20 hours use:    €25.00 per hour
Maxi use: 21 – 25 hours use:   €23.00 per hour


This package is tailored specifically to the client after a few months of using our services when we have a firm tasks list and estimate of hours you require throughout the month. A retainer agreement will be signed by both parties and a direct debit payment will be set up for the 1st of each month. Either party may terminate the retainer at any stage with 30 days notice.


You may have tasks that need to be done whereby a set amount of hours are required but this may not be required every single month. So rather than direct debit a ‘Retainer’ we will invoice you for work done at the last Friday of every month, with payment due on invoice.

Advance Purchase Time:

If you block buy and pay upfront for 15 hours than you get a 10% discount. We will e-mail you when 50% and 100% of the block time is used. Advance purchase has a 6 month expiry

Organise 3rd parties

If you have painters/ landscapers/ caterers/cleaners that are required, we will do the initial liaising with these people on your behalf – Organize the setting up of appointment times with them, chasing them for quotations, fielding their calls until your contract starts with them. Once you decide to proceed (i.e. agree to their quote, times to work, agree to their terms and condition) with any of these3rd parties your contract is between you and the 3rd party only. will invoice a sourcing and admin fee for time spend – Average fee €45

Travel itinerary:

Research into a holiday with a tailor made guide for your specific requirements. Including restaurant suggestions, hotel suggestions, public transport schedules, flight options and corresponding transfer options to your hotel.

We suggest you give us your wish list and budget and we will supply some suggestions to meet your wish list, we request you firm up and choose once particular destination we suggest so we can create a full and exact itinerary on chosen destination.

E-guide: €55 and if printed and posted: €65

You purchase this guide, as outlined above, or you can take it further and ask us to make all the bookings for you.

If you are a company with regular booking requirements we suggest you give us a list of bookings to be done each month and we’ll invoice by the hour.

Design companies:

We can invoice by the hour (Please see hourly rate in “pay as you go” section above) if assistance is required in your showroom or we can invoice by the drawing only, if that is all that is required (We can do this from our own offices with our drawing software)

Design jobs in the home:

For the e-design stage we offer you a flat fee of €240 per design e.g. kitchen design with shopping list , drawings, quotations, colours, flooring and wall covering suggestions. If you require a call out to your home for the design, then we will do a free half hour consultancy call out if located Dublin 1-9. Additional time is invoiced at the hourly rate.
Any call outs outside the Dublin area will be charged a call out fee for the consultation. For project management we invoice by the hour (PM fees are separate to the admin hours outlined in pay as you go section – Please contact us for this).


These jobs vary so much from birthday cake and salads, to tapas and mini desserts, that a quote can only be supplied when you give us the amount of people we are catering for & the type of food. Then let us suggest a menu that will keep within your budget and feed the numbers required. Or contact us to get a sample menu with breakdown of pricing.


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