Here are some suggestions as to what we can help you with

1.   Freelancer for interior design and kitchen companies
2.   Kitchen and home design
3.   Catering
4.   Travel planning
5.   Book keeping
6.   Filing
7.   Diary management and reminder service
8.   Why not keep a blog for your business? Or send out a monthly e- newsletter?
9.   Internet research
10. Audio transcription
11. Contact databases
12. Call handling service
13. Source third party for household chores

Freelance designer for the design and kitchen industries:

The problem with design is that the work is either a feast or a famine, so how do you know how to get your staffing numbers right? In these times you got to go with caution and keep staff to a minimal. Yet not meeting the demands of potential clients means you lose them out to competitors who can, It’s a buyer’s market out there so getting back to clients quickly with designs is imperative.
Hiring a freelance designer makes sense as you only outlay for staffing when it’s required and yet you don’t have to worry about commission, the holidays, the benefits, and the taxes. A freelance designer will work harder as they want you to call them back so each job is given maximum output for minimal outlay.

We can either work in your showrooms if you are short staffed during busy periods, or you can hire us to do the actual designs. We can either use our own design drawing software and e-mail the finished designs through to you or work in your showroom offices to carry out the work. On trying our services we provide your first two hours free when you book a full day and you can run through product detail and order codes in this period. You may be a small design company owner working 6 days a week. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your showrooms were staffed by a qualified designer & sales person for one day a week so you could actually take a day off? So give us a try

Kitchen and home design:pancil

If the kitchen is looking tired and dated then now is the time to do this work, Kitchen suppliers and fitters are a fraction of what they would have been 3 or 4 years ago. Most are just supplying the items just above cost, so home renovation on the lasting built in items is worth doing now.
However getting the supplying company to do the design service is going to be biased to the product they can sell and might not be done by a designer. Getting your design done independently means you can work closely on getting the maximum out of your kitchen without compromise, with your wish list catered too. Design it how you want it to look and then do the shopping. The type of kitchen you want can determine a list of suppliers. Getting the right one can be a long and arduous shop, so whittling out the suppliers that cannot meet your design makes the whole process a lot easier. The bonus is we will look at the room as a whole, so we factor in wall and floor coverings, lighting, dining areas and furniture to tie the whole look together.
We can create designs for any room in the house. Maybe the living room is swimming with clutter and some built in storage solution is required and perhaps it’s the same in the bedroom. Good designed storage is vital to a tidier and calmer lifestyle.
Give us a call or e-mail today to get a quote.


Maybe you are having a get-together in your house for a family celebration, communion/ confirmation or deb’s party. But who has the time to cater for a crowd and work full time and clean the house for guests coming. Let us take the hassle out of providing the food. We offer tapas, antipasto and Mezze platters; Desserts and celebration cakes. We can provide fresh homemade grub to all tastes and budgets! Just give us a call and let us be your personal assistant for the jobs around the house you just don’t have time to organise.

Travel planning:

We all know time is precious. Booking travel on the internet makes it all so much easier but by the time you trail through the various sites to get the best deal, best location and ensure you are not booking yourself into the wrong side of town you find most of the day is gone and the search has been a massive waste of your time. So let us take the hassle out of travel plans. Just tell us your brief and budget and we will come back to you with a planned itinerary.
This is applicable to your business or personal life. Maybe you have a family holiday coming up and you don’t fancy another year at a purpose built resort. Maybe you’d rather be off the beaten tourist track or in a city that’s a little less well known, that ticks all the boxes of what the family want. Maybe you have a girly weekend coming up or need a romantic get away with a WOW factor – We know all the suitable spots so give us a try!

Book keeping:calculator

Are you running behind with your cash flow? Do you have lots of outstanding payments you need to chase? Do you have that rising panic sensation at the end of each year as all your book keeping consists of receipts in a shoebox? Let us help you out.
We suggest you keep a large padded envelope in the car with you at all times so petrol or lunch receipts can be added. In the office keep the same and place in all invoices as they come in or just write a handwritten note on invoices that need to be raised to your clients. Send them to us last week of every month and we will:
●Raise the invoices and post them out
●Place all your incoming invoices into an excel sheet or a book keeping software package you may be using.
●We can then chase the payments when it’s due – it so much easier to have someone else chase the payments
●We can liaise with your accountants at the end of year on the book keeping done for your year end accounts.

Filing: files

Are you falling under and over files? We can offer a professional decluttering and organization service for your office. Maybe you just need an archive system put in place or reorganise existing file systems. How long have you spent looking for the business card of an important contact or trying to find that document you filed in specific folder last week and now can’t find? Whether it’s a complete overhaul of your entire filing system or just sorting that ever growing pile of paperwork on the corner of your desk, we can help! Perhaps your online filing systems are all over the place – does it take you ages to find where you saved that important document because you just don’t have any efficient folders and processes in place? Think how much time you’d save if you knew where everything lived? We can come to your office, armed with stationary if needs be and spend some time working with you to get things in order.
½ day on site: €90 euro
Full day ‘Onsite’: €170

Diary management and reminder service:

Whilst you are out on the road during the day you can simply text or e-mail in various meetings you have set up during the day which we can enter into a shared diary. We can enter in your appointments and travel arrangements and send you a reminder each day of what’s booked in, so you can effectively time manage your day. Or maybe you have several tasks that your
don’t find time to do. Discuss it with us, we will prioritise each one and enter it into the dairy in a timely manner that allows you achieve this task and get on with your daily appointments.

 Writing an e- newsletter or blog for your business?pencil

You want to let all your clients know any news that is going on with your company but you can’t very well ring or e-mail each one to proclaim what currently going on. So why not write a blog and shout about what is going on with your business.
Most people put a blog on the long finger as they find content difficult. But simple little tricks can really help. What about when you are on the M50 and stuck in traffic going no where - take out the Dictaphone on your smartphone and simply record anything exciting that has happened or perhaps articles you have seen throughout the day that are relevant to your sector and just send the audio file through to us and we will edit this to be content that is entered weekly or monthly to your blog without you even having to think about it!!! The exact same goes for your e-newsletter, We can use your audio content and edit it and then design an attractive e- newsletter that can be sent out to your clients at the end of each month - part of your monthly marketing tools!

Internet research:

MyPa.ie can undertake many internet research based projects. Each one with its own specific aim:
• Market research
• Research into new products and services
• Checking out the latest trends in a particular market sector.
Used correctly the internet can be amazing resource that can really help your business, however used incorrectly it can be a massive waste of your time.

Audio transcription:

This is fantastic for blog content (see above) and e-newsletters. It can also be the perfect way to take minutes of that important meeting you are attending. Simply tape the meeting on your Dictaphone and send the audio file across to us so we can create a written record of the meeting.

Contacts Database:

A contact database is essential for any business, after all what is the point of winning those hard earned contacts if all they represent is a dusty pile of crumpled business cards? Whether you choose a specific contacts system, a simple excel spreadsheet or an outlook contacts database it’s just crucial you can easily find all your contacts quickly and efficiently. With competition fiercer than ever your contacts are your most valuable asset. If you would like to get the contacts lists working for you, why not give us a call. Dig out those business cards and the scribbled contacts in the filofax and let us place them into a better system.

Call handling:phone

You can't always answer the phone: when you are at a meeting, driving, out of the office or simply working against a tight deadline. Maybe you just need total silence for 3 hours to get a tender done? Why not divert those calls to an operator who will answer the phone professionally. Simply divert your phone to the number we allocate, we will answer your calls exactly as your customer facing staff would – taking messages, transferring calls or dealing with clients – it’s up to you. After the call is taken you are instantly updated via Text or e-mail, allowing you to concentrate on running and expanding the business.

Source third party for household chores:

Have you been meaning to get the hallway painted for ages, or maybe the garden needs landscaping or perhaps a cleaner is needed once a week to take the pressure off from house chores? We will source the company for the job and organize appointment times and quotes until you are ready to proceed with your chosen company. Give us a call and let us be your personal assistant for the jobs around your house you just don’t have time to organise.

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